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For hygiene reasons, face masks are not refundable.
Please check the size charts on this page or on the product pages before buying.

Aside from the face masks, all other unopened products are refundable with a 20% restocking fee. Before returning, please contact us to explain the issue and we will send you a postage-paid return label to send the products back to us. Once we receive the products back, we will issue a refund for the product costs less the 20% restocking fee to your credit card.


face mask size chart

face mask filter size measurements

size chart for silicone support frames

face mask extender


"PM" stands for the term "particulate matter" and 2.5 refers to the size of the pollutant in micrometer. PM2.5 is defined by the US EPA as an air-suspended mixture of both solid and liquid particles that are two and one half microns or less in diameter. "Micron" (also known as micrometer or also noted with the symbol µm) is how microscopic particles are measured. Similarly "inch" is how an object is measured, "pound" is how weight is measured, "mile" is how distance is measured, etc. To put things into perspective, human hair has a diameter of 50-70 µm and a grain of sand has a diameter of 90 µm so a particle of less than 2.5µm is extremely small in comparison and can only be seen with an electron microscope.

PM2.5 mask filter is a small disposable insert that goes between the front and back layer of a cloth face mask for added filtration from inhaling harmful particles in the air into the body. Our face masks all comes with a pocket opening on the backside of the face mask to insert the PM2.5 filter through. Each filter consists of five layers of of three non-woven materials as follows:

Layer 1: Non-woven layer of spun-bound polyester material
Layer 2: Melt-blown layer of non-woven polypropylene
Layer 3: Carbon-activated layer
Layer 4: Melt-blown layer of non-woven polypropylene
Layer 5: Non-woven layer of spun-bound polyester material

Particles are released from a variety of sources from both indoors and outdoors in the form of liquids, gases, or solids and are invisible to the naked eyes. From indoors, it comes smoking, cooking, buring candles or logs at fireplace, using kerosene heaters, diffusing essential oils, cleaning with common chemical products, using hairsprays, aerosol room freshers or deodorant, etc. From outdoors, there are hundreds of sources air pollutants but the main contributors that increase the levels of particulate matter are from vehicles, power generators, industrial and agricultural emissions, the manufacture and distribution of chemicals, forest fires, and so much more.

The newest particles in the air is the COVID-19 virus. They are released into the air through droplets or tiny particles called aerosols when an infected person with the virus coughs, sneezes, or talks. Therefore wearing a face mask with a PM2.5 mask filter can lessen the chance of contracting the virus.

A mask support frame is a plastic dome-shaped appliance that cups over the face from the nose to the chin. It keeps the mask away from the face and solves all the problems that people have with wearing face masks. The frame creates space between the mask and the mouth for more breathing room and it keeps the air under the mask cooler. It prevents the mask from collapsing onto the mouth when breathing or talking so speech is not muffled. Finally for the women, the frame acts as a barrier that prevents the backside of the mask from getting stained with makeup or lipsticks.

The face mask extender strap is a silicone band with 4 hook positions. It is worn on the back of the head and the hooks on each side of the band are used to string the face mask elastic earloops around to spare the ears of pain from  prolonged wearing of the face mask. The extender also takes the pressure of tight elastic earloops off the ear.  For earloops that are too loose, it also prevents the masks from falling off the face. The extender straps can be with both disposable face masks as well as reusable cloth face mask.

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