For ADULT MALE or FEMALE (check our size chart)
  • Wear under mask to create more breathing space
  • Prevents back of mask from collapsing on face when talking or breathing
  • Made of soft silicone material and comfortable to wear under disposable or cloth masks
  • The 3D cup shape keeps makeup and lipstick from staining the back of the mask
  • Washable and reusable
holding large face mask support frame on face

The Many Benefits of Wearing Our Face Mask Support Frame

Wearing our mask support frame is essential for comfort and breathability. Our mask support frame is a dome-shaped appliance that cups over the face from the nose to the chin. Our 3D cup design has a depth of 1 and 3/4" that gives you more room for breathing under the mask. 

Our mask support frame can be worn under either a disposable face mask or a cloth face mask. It makes wearing a mask tolerable, especially when you have to wear a mask for prolonged periods of time. Without a mask support frame, the mask will be right up against the face  that can be sufficating with little room for air to circulate, which can cause damp and warm condition under the mask that makes it very uncomfortable to wear. 

  • Benefit 1: The special 3D cup design provides more space for breathing.
  • Benefit 2: With more breathing space, the air under the mask can circulate and prevent moisture buildup.
  • Benefit 3: The cup frame prevents the masks from collapsing onto the face to obstruct breathing when inhaling.
  • Benefit 4: The elevated space under the mask support frame allows speaking without muffling.
  • Benefit 5: It also prevents the backside of the mask from getting stained with facial makeup or lipstick.


wearing large face mask support frame under mask

Our Mask Support Frame Can Be Worn Under Any Types of Face Masks

Whether you prefer to wear disposable masks, homemade masks or cloth face masks, our mask support frame are applicable to any of these types of masks.

Our frames has notches on each side of the frame that can be used to hook onto the pleats of disposable masks. For homemade or cloth face masks, the frame can be held in place on the face under the mask. 

flexible large face mask support frame

Our Mask Support Frame is Durable, Washable and Reusable

Our mask support frame is made of silicone and TPE plastic material. The silicone gives the support frame its flexibility and the TPE material gives the frame its firmness.

The flexibility allows the frame to bend and mold to the face while the firmness allows the frame to hold its cup shape that allows space for breathing, air circulation, and talking without muffling. The mask support frame should be washed after each use to keep clean for good personal hygiene. 

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